Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Single and blogging

For all of you that can't wait to hear from me. Ha. I moved to Salt Lake with my big sis! She is pretty awesome! I work at Score Salon and love it. As soon as I get a crazy client I will let you know, as for now it hasn't been to exciting. :( The only thing that has really happend is that I still don't want kids. They are always sticky or leaking some gross fluid that the mom has come to the point to wipe up with her bare hands. I still love my nephews and Saige though. Soon enough I will be livin on my own and I can't wait to experience life. I'm pretty sure I'm staying in Salt Lake, I love the city. Mikell doesn't believe me though. :) Everything is going great and I hope more great things happen. As for now thats my update.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Betty Collection Anyone?

As most of you my know my grandma Betty has a, shall we call interesting sense of style. She buys things that were never quite in style to say the least. My sister and I are here to model these wonderful outfits because they will never make a comback nor did they ever come....well only to find grandma Betty's closet.

They why on Earth Collection

The Cruise Collection

Black Light Party Collection

Animals Collection

JC Penny's Sleep Wear Collection

Christmas "Debb" Collection

and Kason....

Friday, February 27, 2009

Astrology = Aunt Mary

In my life I have been pushed into crazy things because I have a crazy family.... so this entry is dedicated to my Aunt Mary! When ever I have a question that nobody else can answer I know who to call... Aunt Mary. She is one of the coolest people I have ever met. Just tonight I called with some questions. I was sitting downstairs looking at my astrology book with Josh. We found out alot of things about each other. Oddly it descibed Josh and I to the T. I had some questions though... Mary created a Birth Chart for me a couple of years ago but I don't know how to read it with out her. So I called got some answers then I got looking out side and noticed that the moon was beautiful and that there was a bright star right above it. So right then I asked and she knew exactly what it was all about. How lucky am I to have my own personal astrology teacher. I owe alot of my passions of earth science to her. From day one we have had a random relationship. Apparently I gave her a bad look when I first met her when I was born. Boy was I wrong. She is so flippin smart she has done every exciting job you can think of. Infact she works on Nellis Air Force Base protecting indangered species. While she was out in her lime green vest with all her other "tree hugger" friends, she was almost taken out by a fighter jet. My Aunt put her hands on her head and ducked for cover. The jet was 20 feet above her head. Not many people can say that they have an aunt as cool as mine. :) Anyway I would just like to say thank you Aunt Mary for being the coolest person alive and you have some lucky kids and grandkids. I kinda feel like I'm one of yours. :) Love ya Mary!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My first "real" Valentines Day!

I was getting worried that Josh wasn't going to do anything for Valentines because he wouldn't talk about it.... little did I know. :) He suprised me by taking me to Las Vegas... we ate Korean food in China town. As some of you know I have a fear of "certain" things, so I was a little sceptical about eating at this: Korean Garden. Who knew that it would end up tasting sooooo good. While we were sitting together I then realized Josh and I were the minority in this restraunt. : Then the food came out and everything was fine. haha. After we got done with dinner we decided to go see the water show at the Bilogio. Our first chalenge was to find the strip... well we got lost in the GHETTO in vegas I was slapping Josh's arm saying: my mom is going to kill me, my mom is going to kill me. He just laughed considering he is from Dallas and he and i quote"grew up in the ghetto". We finally get on the strip thats when I realized he is just like my father when it comes to driving and when he is frustrated its just easier not to talk. :) We find the Bilogio after what seems like 2 hours and.... he misses the turn. Now we are stuck for another 10 minutes on the strip. I was like hey lets just valet at the Monte Carlo its like 3 bucks no big deal. :) We park, get out, and walk to the Bilogio...from there everything was perfect. The show was beutiful and everything was worth it to spend my first Valentines with him. :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Growin Up!

Everyone ... I graduated!

The past few months have been great. I have a wonderful family that keeps things interesting, an amazing boyfriend that cares about me, and friends that I will keep forever. I have decided its time for me to grow up. I want to experience... well. Life. I want to go to college. I want to travel. I want to try new things, get out of my comfort zone.

Many of you know that I don't try a lot of new things or that I'm shy and possibly "mean" (compliments to the red hair ;) ) Anyway I feel like its finally time to break out of my shell and become the new Kenzi the more sophisticated and daring Kenzi. Well atleast I'm going to try.

Friend Outings:

Josh, Thom, Mase, Jd, Brian, & I went to Pinevalley to hang out. This trip I realized I have made some great friends that make me happy. Everyone is so artistic and smart. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not laughing at some remark or phrase I hear from them. The phrase of the weak: "I will equalize you"! :). Josh has been with me for a while now and he is really growing on me. He makes things so much fun! I wish everyone could see how amazing he really is. Well I'm going to stop rambling on and show some pictures.

Here are some more pictures of the boys skating.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Crazy People. Why?

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I'm never consistent with this thing. Anyway, today had to have been one of the worst days I have had at school. It starts off with the clock in.... the machine was broken there for causing all of us to take half days today.


While I was sitting in the break room enjoying my breakfast Brenna walked into the break room in a panic and said can you take this client? I said sure I would love to. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I get my station set up, put my apron on and greet my client. I sit "Carrie" down and ask her what she wanted to achieve with her hair today. As I am asking I start to really looking at her hair. When I looked down and ran my hands through it, I noticed that she cut it her self. Right as I noticed she happened to mention she is bipolar. : I bit my cheek and listened. " I had an episode last night and cut all of my hair off, I did it to spite my mother but she said it looked cute which totally defeated my whole perpose. Anyway I want you to blend it without taking any length off and I want a really chunky weave. Can you do that for me? Also blend all the chunks I cut last night!" After consuming all that information I looked at her and said so you want me to blend your hair without taking any length off? "Exactly, my hair was past my shoulders last night" This woman's hair was shorter than mine and to blend it I would have to take off even more.

I start to weave her hair with chunky blonde highlights when I know that it's just going to make her hair look worse. When I was done with that I start cutting. She started to cry and yell at me for ruining her hair. I haven't even done anything yet. So I start to panic and try to calm her down thinking she is going to take my shears out of bipolar rage and stab me (or her). I got her somewhat calmed down and start cutting again. Thats right when her mother walks in. The two of them together not so good. The mom gave her the look like what in the hell are you doing. So the girl starts freaking out again and is telling me every peice to cut and she ended up making it more chunky. I'm trying to find my instructor but she is bookin it away from this lady. So here I am a student stuck with this crazy mess. I finally finish and she leaves... thank goodness. Im about in tears at this point when everyone comes up and says that her hair looks like crap, like it was my fault. I was so close to punching all these whinny little biotches in the face. I kept my cool and left, that wasn't easy for me considering I could take any of these girls down. As I was walking out of the school I walked past Jim's office. I noticed they were looking at the security cameras... Someone had stolen a bunch of product from the front desk. This took place from about 9 to 12:30.

Fantastic day right?

Here is an example of what I felt like:


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pretend Photo Shoot

Ummm...2 days ago our class was givin an assignment to create our own photo shoot. We did our own hair and makeup. Dressed our selves (pleather outfits provided by Amy Mcalister) We also took the pictures by ourselves... here they are! :]